Our liability for trailers of our own manufacture is limited to making good any defects by repairing the same or, at our opinion, by replacement / return within a period not exceeding twelve (12) calendar months after the trailer has been sold by our factory/dealer for the first time.

  1. This warranty is non-transferable and is limited to defects in workmanship performed by Long Haul Trailers only. In the case of bought items, the supplier’s warranty shall be covered by OEM(Tyres, Wheels, Axles, Coupling, Jockey Wheels and etc)
  2. The trailer must not have been altered or operated outside the limits of the design specifications.
  3. The trailer has not been damaged by neglect, accident, and improper use of used for competitive purposes.
  4. The warranty does not cover any consequential expenses beyond the warranty repair of the trailer itself – eg. Freight
  5. Long Haul Trailers shall not be liable for consequential loss of any kind arising out of the supply or operation of the trailer.
  6. Paint or Galvanized are warranted against defective paint or application, NOT against the normal effect of rust, oxidization and degradation caused by fuel and dissimilar metals
  7. Oxidization and rust has the potential to bubble paint or any surface finish. Surface contaminates could cause oxidization if not removed from the trailer.
  8. Any work agreed to be repaired by Long Haul Trailers will be done in-house at our premises at 2A SPINE ST, SUMNER QLD. Any and all costs associated with transporting the trailer to and from the factory will be the purchaser’s responsibility.
  9. The warranty does not cover items replaced during normal service and maintenance operations and which are subject to wear. These arrangements apply regardless of any change in ownership during the warranty period.
  10. Subject to item 8, the above warranty is in lieu of any and all warranties expressed or implied, conferred by statute or otherwise and is the only warranty given by Long Haul Trailers on the trailer or any part thereof. Any warranties under the Sale of Goods Act are expressly excluded.
  11. All warranties and condition implied under the Trade Practices Act, including as to one of merchantable quality, are not excluded by this warranty except that Long Haul Trailers limits it’s liability for breach to:
  12. The replacement of the trailer or products; or
  13. The repair of the trailer or products, at Long Haul Trailers election with all freighting costs to be the purchaser’s responsibility.